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                        The Killer Book I                   About The Killer - Book I: Start of Action. Kindle ebook downloads and paperbacks

Our anti-hero Darren McCann is a small, young guy. To survive the violent streets of 1970s Belfast he learns to fight, and he fights well.
The Provisional Irish Republican Army are interested in him but, though he is of Catholic stock, he refuses to take sides in the troubles - until a family tragedy allies him with the republican cause.
After specialist training he becomes an efficient sniper and freedom fighter but it is one night, and one interrogation, which earn him a reputation as The Butcher of Belfast and pair him with his infamous knife, The Killer.
Following a particularly high profile sniper kill he is forced to take refuge in Spain where he becomes involved with E.T.A terrorists at a training camp deep in the Basque country. There, he takes part in a daring raid and forms strong alliances with his new brethren, the ETA freedom fighters.
When the Provos, and an old friend, call him back into action he performs his duty, but a moment of doubt makes him realise his home in Ireland has gone, now he belongs in the hills of Spain.
McCann knows he will always fight against the establishment, but one British Government espionage agent has other ideas.

Readers' reviews

Kindle Edition - The Killer
This was my first Jack Elgos book the character Darren McCann is very interesting. The whole book is fast moving well written couldn't put the book down.
I have now downloaded the next two killer books.
Highly recommend this author. Kevin Dilks.

Paperback - This would make a brilliant movie
Wow, what a book, has you riveted from the first chapter. Jack Elgos whoever you are you need to write more.
This book would make a brilliant movie. Chris Dixon.

Kindle Edition - Brilliant
This is the best. Could not put this book down. Giving a short review as I can't wait to start the next one. Gripping! Lisa Nutt.

Kindle Edition - Book
Good book. Exciting cover to cover read, delivered easily to my kindle, and was a magnificent read.
I'd recommend to anyone. David8626.

Kindle Edition - Very Good Read
I couldn't put this down, good plot and as an ex soldier, quite believable.
Just bought The Killer 2. Looking forward to it. Fredlad.

Kindle Edition - Proper Page Turner
I have to agree with the previous reviewers - once I started reading The Killer, there was never a slow point where considered putting it down.
The book is full of clever twists, and I loved the way the fast pace was maintained throughout.
Add to that a likeable main character, and some truly funny moments to counter the murder and mayhem, and you have a highly entertaining book.
Can't wait for The Butchers return! Davo Rhinehart.

Paperback - Excellent read
I took this book away on holiday with me and absolutely loved it! Full of suspense and kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through.
Finished it within a couple of days as I raced towards the conclusion - I couldn't put it down.
Highly recommended. Rybak.

The Killer Book II                   About The Killer - Book II: The American Connection. Kindle ebook downloads and paperbacks

The mystery and suspense grow in this all action thriller as Darren McCann, the Butcher of Belfast, is back with more thrills in book 2. His ongoing mission, to avenge the brutal murder of his mother.
The Irish hard man was trained by the Provisional I.R.A in Belfast, and later turned by a British MI6 spy.
In this second book in the fast paced series he is sent to America to track down the hard men funding the Irish Republican terrorists back home in Northern Ireland.
This second installment of the best selling espionage thriller, The Killer Trilogy, sees Darren develop as a character.
He begins to question the motives of the men in power, but all the time faces his enemies with his usual wit and trusty knife, The Matador.

Readers' reviews

Kindle Edition - A Must Read Thriller
A wonderful atmospheric thriller. This book really captures the essence of Northern Ireland during the troubles. I recommend this book highly and I am going straight into the next book immediately.
My hope is that this author continues to write more books against the background of Northern Ireland, particularly more set during the troubles.
Well done Jack. BostonDave.

Paperback - Better than the first?
This may well be controversial I know, but I think that I preferred this instalment to the first. I read the whole thing in just one sitting, such was the neck-break pace of this thrilling action drama.
We find the butcher jetting over the Atlantic to be dropped into a hot bed of violence and duplicity armed only with a photo, a name and of course his trusty blade.
The blood-splattered twists that ensue could rival a Guy Ritchie/Scorcese movie, in the Butcher's breathless pursuits across continents.
I hope that Elgos doesn't follow the rule of trilogies (see Star Wars, The Godfather, etc.) and disappoints with the final part.
Saying this I'll be look forward to its release with breath baited. Steptronic.

Kindle Edition - The Butcher is Back
Excellent second installment of what we know learn will be a trilogy.
The Butcher is back and his violent wrecking spree moves to America, where he needs all his skills and all his wits about him as he tracks down the Republican paymasters.
Never a dull moment and so fast-paced it hurts! a 5 star book if ever I read one.
Bring on number 3. Davo Rhinehart.

Kindle Edition - Another Great Novel The Killer Book 2 !!!!!!
After reading Killer Book 1, I thought that The Killer Book 2 couldn't be close to as fantastic as a sequel. Well I was most definitely Wrong. Book 2 is almost as great and now I cannot wait to start Killer III,which I already have backed up on my Kindle Fire HD device. I am sure it will also outdo my expectations. Three out of the Park home runs will be a knock out triple winner, by Jack Elgos. John H. Kuhl, CPCM

Kindle Edition - Great Read
Great read. Well written felt like true to life, felt like I was there.
Just going to start on third book. Hope it's as good as first two. Janice Mills.

Kindle Edition - A Good Read
In this second book of Jack Elgos's trilogy, we follow the career of Darren 'Butch' McCann, former IRA killer, now working for the British Secret Service under a new name and living in a mansion in the English countryside.
His skills at taking out the bad guys are invaluable and his handler, a 'Mr Turner,' sends him on assignments to New York and Ireland where only his quick wits get him out of hair raising situations.
We like Darren because we see him as basically a nice guy but the product of a troubled childhood.
He sees himself as someone who has always been manipulated and is driven by a desire for revenge.
After a seriously botched mission in Northern Spain tracking terrorists from the Middle East, he is injured, but with the luck of the Irish, is nursed back to health by a beautiful Spanish woman in her remote farmhouse.
Love begins to bloom and then . . . but you will have to read it to find out.
There is plenty of excitement and enough well defined characters to hold our interest and we eagerly await the final book of the trilogy to find out how it will end. Iris Gioia (London)

The Killer Book III                   About The Killer - Book III: The Final Reckoning. Kindle ebook downloads and paperbacks

In the conclusion of this epic adventure trilogy, The Killer III: The Final Reckoning, sees former IRA hitman Darren McCann seeking vengeance for the brutal murder of his Ma.
Now going under the name of Liam O’Neil and working for the British Government, Liam knows he is ultimately just a pawn between the IRA and the Brits, and dreams of taking his Catalan mistress Montse out of the reach of both.
However this dream must be put on hold until the men who signed his Ma's death warrant are killed.
His quest takes him back to old comrades in the Basque terrorist training camps, his Irish homeland and military bases in the UK.
In his inimitable style, Elgos captures the political and human aspects of The Troubles in a fast paced Pulp-Fiction style action novel, while painting believable and likeable characters that draws the reader in from page one.

Readers' reviews

Kindle Edition - A Slick Tale
The Killer trilogy by Jack Elgos is a slick tale of murder, deceit and betrayal set amidst the Troubles in Northern Ireland.
A tightly woven story that takes the reader from Belfast to the Irish Republic, across to Spain and New York. Throw in the IRA, the Basque separatist group ETA and British Military Intelligence and you get the makings of a read that is utterly compelling.
I simply couldn't put this book down and having motored through the first two books in the trilogy there was never any doubt that I would consume with gusto, this third and final book.
This story would make an awesome film. Geoff Purssell.

Kindle Edition - Must Read
Great trilogy! Could not put these books down! Really enjoyed the story and characters.
Mr. Elgos is a great storyteller! AlphaGeek (Houston, Texas, U.S.A.)

Kindle Edition - Fast Moving Violent Read
1 very true to life violent read about the workings of the IRA and the UC during the troubles in Northern Ireland.
If you don't mind the vivid violence this a very fast moving and interesting read about one mans desire for revenge after his mother is killed violently by..... Icarus.

Kindle Edition - Another First Rate winning novel. That's three for three Five Stars for Jack Elgos!!!
I almost cannot believe it, The Killer Book 3 is another slam dunk Great Novel.
After reading this last of the three book series by Jack Elgos, all I can say is PLEASE come up with another series of outstanding novels.
This is the best reading I have truly enjoyed in a long time. Three of my favorites.
Most sincerely, John H. Kuhl, CPCM (Corvallis, Oregon)

Kindle Edition - The Killer 1, 2 and 3 by Jack Elgos
Totally loved these three books. The main character grabbed hold and never let go until the end.
I recommend these three books.
Can't wait for his next book. Amazon Customer.

Kindle Edition - Top Read
Brilliant read could not put it down, fast paced and never a dull moment.
Recommended to all thriller readers. Brill. Phillip Neil Wright.

Kindle Edition - Pulp fiction at its best
You know when you're reading a good book when a bookmark is rarely used, if at all, or you notice with horror that the percentage read on your eReader is racing towards 100% far too quickly.
Such is the case with this trilogy of unputdownable pulp fiction at it's very best.
The plot behind these books is a simple story of revenge. Darren McCann grew up on the troubled streets of Belfast in the 70s where he learned to fight and where he got rather good at inflicting violence, so much so that the IRA wanted to recruit him.
Young Darren wanted nothing to do with the cause until his Ma was brutally murdered, and here the tale of revenge begins.
Darren's journey through these 3 books is very violent but also very, very funny.
The characters are larger than life but not so much that they appear unbelievable. The same can be said for the adventures that Darren finds himself having (including a bank robbery with ETA and jail breaks in Spain)
Darren is brutal but likeable and you find yourself rooting for him in all his escapades although you know you shouldn't be.
This last book finds Darren getting closer to exacting the retribution he has longed for for so many years, but you'll have to read the book to see if he was successful! Redbull.

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