A young street-fighter from Belfast is recruited by the I.R.A. to become one of the most feared men the Province has ever known. As his reputation grows he finds himself equally allied with the freedom fighters of Spain, but his hatred will always be directed at the British government and he would never question his loyalty to "the cause" - or would he?


THE HIT MAN: Page after page he studied the contents of times, dates and locations.
Finally he arrived at the collection of images; cars, houses and offices along with their associated blueprints. Then he saw a photograph with the face of his new target. 'Jesus, Mary and Joseph,' Liam thought. 'I'd happily hit that bastard for free.'

THE BUTCHER: He took the knife in his hand. It felt good and, when he pushed the brass release button, he couldn't help but grin to himself as the razor-like blade flew out of the side. He fell instantly in love with the knife. From the sight of the action to the hissing sound the blade made as it shot out, it seemed they were made for each other.
This switchblade, The Killer, had been carried always, and used to wonderful effect ever since.

THE SNIPER: It was always far better to shoot them in the guts. They would die eventually, but their prolonged screams of agony seemed to really unsettle the rest of the squad.

THE ENGLISHMAN: He was a very quiet, private and sad-looking man who, though only forty-seven, appeared considerably older than his years. Passing his fellow shopkeepers he offered a polite "good morning" to each of them. No one really knew that much about him, with the exception that he was English and quiet, but most of all he seemed very lonely. He was neither liked nor disliked by anyone, including the hard line republicans who, though they hated the Brits with a passion, simply tolerated this pathetic old man.

THE SPANIARD: And you are a good killer, Mr. Butch. I think you are the best killer I ever see.

THE TRAINER: You will do as you are told. You are a soldier of the I.R-fucking-A.
Do you fucking understand me McCann?

THE BOSS LADY: A challenge for power here among our brave E.T.A. freedom fighters means to fight to the death, and the challenger has the choice of weapons.
Do you understand this Mr. Butch?

THE PARTNERSHIP: 'What's in Sitges?' asked Darren. 'Why are we going there?'
'Want the long story - or the short one?' sighed a disgruntled Thomas who obviously was not very keen on the Spanish heat.
'Short one'll do.'
'To kill someone.'

THE WARDEN: Each day began with him slowly dressing in his uniform, assessing his appearance in a full-length mirror, adjusting the eye patch to exactly the right angle. He would arrive at the prison immaculately presented, but he'd had to buy several extra uniform shirts. Sometimes the blood just wouldn't come out.